Massage in Cambridge

Aromatherapy Massage, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Swedish Massage

Below is a small selection of some of my most recent testimonials.


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"Working with Jodie is a joy, she is good at what she does and after each visit I have had noticeably, positive changes."


"Jodie is a wonderful person, I value her and Reiki deeply, and with Jodie's help and the help of Reiki, my life has truly transformed. I lead such a hectic life, not just in work but on an emotional level, I often think that my energy levels become so drained, however, through my monthly sessions with Jodie, I am able to realign myself and take a little time out not only from the hectic world but from my own mind too... I walk away from each session feeling realigned and incredibly positive. I know that Reiki has helped me to communicate more effectively and not be so hard on myself. Thank you Jodie, I am truly grateful to you." 

"I came to Jodie at a time of major crisis and change, and have continued to see her as things settle down. She has been a supportive and grounding force from the start. Jodie is humble in her gifts, but she is a graceful and assured healer. She respects her clients, and she respects the power of Reiki. I feel she would never ask a client to undertake any healing or any personal challenge that she hadn't faced herself. Jodie very much lives her creed of accepting the gifts and challenges of every day and staying in the flow of life. That's a great attitude to be exposed to when you're going through big changes. We also laugh a lot in our sessions! I find her determination and gentle optimism to be infectious. I was wondering how I was going to get through this period. As it turned out, Jodie's support and healing were a big part of that."